Frequently Asked Questions

Just because we love you, We have divided our FAQ into two sections:

Learn more (For content creators) and Discover More (For content seekers).

1. Learn More

a) How do I make money on Payges?

When you create a content or share a content on Payges and people view it and click on the ads on your page.

b) How much do I make per ad click?

You earn N15 per ad click.

c) What content can I post on Payges?

You can post videos, music, photos and articles. You can also share videos from youtube, audio from soundcloud etc.

d) When do I get paid my earnings?

You get paid within the first week of every month.

e) Can I see my earnings real-time?

Yes, you can see your earnings on your dashboard real-time.

f) Do I get penalized for clicking on my ads?

Yes, you would also lose your entire earnings for that month. We advice that you focus on your content and getting genuine views and ad clicks.

g) How do I withdraw my earnings?

Your earnings will be paid into the bank account you submitted during sign up.

h) How can I tell if someone has read my content from Payges?

You will be able to see how many people have read your content on Payges real-time.

i) How do I get users to read my content from Payges?

You will be able to generate a link to your post and share on various platforms. Your content will also get published through Payges' social media feeds and channels.

2. Discover More

a) Can I add a website I want to see feeds from?

Yes, you can. Payges already has a list of websites you can select from, however, if you want to see more feeds, you can submit the website URL via mail and it will be updated to your list. An email will be sent to you when this is done.

b) Can I edit categories to suit my interests?

Yes, you can choose from our vast categories so you never miss amazing content

c) Can i get feeds from a particular person on all their platforms?

Yes you can, the same way you add a new website to your feeds!

d) How can i find out personal information of another user?

You can simply go to their profile. But the amount of personal information they disclose is by their own digression.

e) How can i contact another user?

Send them an e-mail.

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